Monday, January 31, 2011

Something old, something new

Finally I received the stuff I bought from China! I had been waiting for this package for several months. Really love brown leather shorts and fur boots. Gotta play with them!

Cashmere sweater: Gap
Leather shorts: from China
Fur boots: from China
Leopard clutch: Zara
Mongolian fur vest: from China
Leopard belt: Jcrew


  1. 哈哈,皮裤和靴子太赞了,草噌噌得。。。。

  2. This outfit probably is not my favorite although you still look very put-together. love the leopard print clutch, though. I got one a while ago from F21 but now I think the color is a bit too dark. :(

  3. I learned my lesson: if looking for a particular piece, stick with it until finally I get it. Otherwise buying look-likes is just wasting money and time because I still want that original piece. :(

  4. I have been looking for a nice leopard clutch for a long time. Got two from zara, still not 100% satisfied though. :(